Saturday, May 3, 2008


Dear Friends,
Recently I had an opportunity to interact with Mr. T A Majeed, proprietor of Fair Pharma of Cochin. As you all know, he was in the media limelight till recent time for his innovation of some Ayurvedic medicines for the deseases which doesn't have any remedy in modern medicine. While discussing, he touched some points on Cancer and its Chemotherapy treatment. He intelligently raised some questions on its treatment which I felt really interesting and admirable. So I thought I would reproduce his stray thoughts on the subject for bloggers' reading and comments.
David Baltimore, the path breaking American biologist and co-recipient of the 1975 Nobel prize in Physiology and Medicine was on a lecture tour of India during Jan 14 -18, 2008. David Baltimore was instrumental in providing the evidence for the conversion of RNA into DNA. Reverse Transcriptase which brings about this synthesis provided the key to the understanding of many retrovirus including HIV virus.

This article is mainly to throw light on the fact that cancer could be viral. I would venture to say that cancer is viral – but the never ending controversies would ensue. Oncologist says that cancer and AIDS are two sides of the same coin. And that is why they treat cancer and AIDS with chemotherapy. AZT the base material of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) is nothing but chemotherapy and this is being administered to HIV/AIDS patients from 1985. AZT stands for Azidothymidine and is often marketed under the names Zidovidine, Retrovir etc.

The German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II, addressed Robert Koch in 1905 at a reception in honor of his Nobel Prize: “My dear Professor, now you must get the cancer bug”. Despite the imperial encouragement, the cancer microbiology remained wanting. Bacteria, fungii and other microorganisms were isolated and proposed as candidates. But none could be proved as the cancer bug.

Payton Rous, a virologist, who worked at New York’s Rockofeller Institute, made a dramatic finding. When a farmer brought him a chicken with a large, well developed solid tumor, Rous discovered that some filterable virus from the bird produced amazingly rapid tumors in other chickens within weeks or even days of infection. The Rous Sarcoma Virus (RSV) is a retrovirus. “The hall mark of retrovirus is not to kill the cell it infects. As such they are potential carcinogens”.

In the Japanese island of Kyushu as well as in certain parts of Africa and among Caribbean people a number of patients were spotted with leukemia. It is in the blood of these patients that “spreading” retrovirus was spotted. Robert Gallo the scientist who found HIV/AIDS virus later named this leukemia retrovirus, HTLV – Human T Cells Leukemia Virus. This happened in 1981 – 3 years prior to the find of the actual AIDS virus by the same scientist.

When Gallo found the first retrovirus in human being (till then it was thought retrovirus could be the monopoly of the animal kingdom) in 1981, scientists said “if the HTLV retrovirus produced in certain rare leukemia cause the anarchic multiplication of white cells, it was easy to imagine that a very subtle genetic modification in the virus might conversely bring about, as in AIDS cases, the death of those same infected lymphocytes. It was a seductive piece of deduction”. To make it more clear, in AIDS patients WBC is decreased and in leukemia patients WBC is increased. In other words, the actions of retrovirus in both these cases are on WBC. That is why Gallo inferred that these should be the same virus with a genetic variation.

Next to Payton Rous’ findings that tumor could be a viral infection, Gallo’s finding that leukemia is a viral lead us to think that cancers should be viral. And till date there is no indication that it could be due to some other unknown microorganisms.

The dissenting scientists argue that Koch’s postulates enunciated in 1884 does not establish that cancer is viral. According to Robert Koch a microbe guilty of causing a disease should have these three qualities?

1. First, the germ must be found growing abundantly in every patient and every diseased tissue.

2. Second, the germ must be isolated and grown in the laboratory.

3. Third, the purified germ must cause the disease in another host.

Some stray thoughts about the cause of cancer: After atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the population there developed mainly cancer. The majority of death in these two cities are even now recorded as due to cancer. Here my assumption is the microorganisms in and around that area have been converted into cancer causing viruses due to radiation.

Similarly asbestos, benzene, nicotine etc too should be helping this conversion.

The doctors say that too much of Xray can cause cancer. Does it not mean that certain virus or bacteria or fungii gets converted to carcinogens due to radiation? Madam Curie died of cancer – naturally cancer due to radiation. Then how could radiation be a treatment for cancer!

Hepatitis B is a virus – scientists say that causes liver cancer or cancer elsewhere in the body. Hepatitis C causes liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Hope every scientist would agree that these are viral beyond doubt.

Scientists say that Papilloma virus causes breast cancer, uterus cancer and cancer elsewhere!

Our grandmothers used to say that curd should never be mixed with hot rice and if it is consumed as such, it could cause jaundice. Jaundice is mostly caused by virus. The bacteria in curd could possibly get converted into virus due to heat and this could be the reason for jaundice. Now the argument is that jaundice is a symptom and not a disease and let us ignore this as grandmothers’ talk.
When so much is said about cancer – virus connection even in the scientific world, why shy away from announcing that cancer is a viral disease. Probably multinational companies stand in the way – because how could they then sell chemotherapy for cancer. Why not? They sell chemotherapy for AIDS!!

Treatments for cancer: “Toxicity of AZT (Chemotherapy) is very high. Since AZT cannot distinguish infected from uninfected cells and only 1 in 500 T-Cells is ever infected, it kills
499 uninfected T-Cells for every infected T-Cell. And there is no convincing evidence that it is beneficial to kill infected Cell” – says the famous virologist and scientist Peter Duesberg.

“The most important toxic effect of chemotherapy is the suppression of the bone marrow due to the drug inhibiting the replication of the precursor cells of the blood stream which are housed in the bone marrow. These precursor cells need to multiply rapidly to continue replenishing the cells of the blood stream as they die off. More than half of all patients on long term therapy will require blood transfusions to replenish their blood cells because of the suppression of the bone marrow” – says Barry D. Schoub in his book “A Guide to Understanding the Virus and its Consequences”. In these circumstances how does bone marrow transplantation help in the treatment of cancer? Is it not the chemotherapy that plays havoc on bone marrow?

The Pneumocystis carinii microbe that caused pneumonia was known to inhibit the lungs of almost every human on the planet; the disease rarely struck anyone but cancer patients (before AIDS was detected), whose chemotherapy treatments would destroy their immune systems and leave them vulnerable to such normally benign germs.

The following findings are from WHO/Cancer page (in the internet) :
● Tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of cancer in the world.
Tobacco causes cancer of the lungs, throat, mouth, pancreas, bladder, stomach, liver, kidney etc.
● One fifth of cancers worldwide are due to chronic infections, mainly from hepatitis B (causing liver), human papilloma viruses HPV (causing cervix), the liver fluke (bile duct) and human immune deficiency virus HIV (Kapose Sarcoma and Lymphomas).

Tobacco too could be converting some microorganisms in our body to cancer causing viruses. Hepatitis B is a virus. Papilloma is again a virus. Why the announcement that all cancers are viral delayed? Is it not a cruel joke on human beings?

Virus hunters, among scientists, are the highest paid. They could earn more and more money by delaying the announcement.

Time magazine on Nov. 8, 99 wrote “every type of cancer from brain to breast to bowel is different”. The same article says “but there is reason to hope that within 25 years new drugs will be able to ameliorate most if not all cancers and may even cure some of them”. A wild guess – that too without establishing the cause!

The article continues: “Treatments for more advanced cancers, however, are farther over the horizon than anybody can see. What is clear is that oncologists must take a page from AIDS treatment and use a cocktail of drugs with very different modes of action to outsmart
tumors that have already begun to spread or metastasize”. What a suggestion!! In the adjoining page of the same Time Weekly magazine the originator of cocktail for AIDS, Dr. David Ho Writes, “a cure for AIDS is not inconceivable”.

Dr. Ho in his article literally disowns cocktail. Ellen Stovall, Executive Director of National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, said, “I don’t think curing cancer is the goal. Instead it should be helping people live as long and as well as they can. We probably won’t cure all forms of cancer on the 21st Century. But we may very well learn to live with them”.

21st Century is another 91 years. Where the hope is: If you look at the scientific rhetoric, it is easy to make out how they “aim” to fool us. We will learn to live with expensive chemotherapy and radiation!!! Who will give us the money to spend on chemotherapy and radiation?

Primary and Secondary: Cell multiplication is what is being tested for to confirm cancer. The reason for cell multiplication is not being thought of. In fact there is no attempt to get at that. A microscope powerful enough to detect the virus is the basic necessity of our time. This would help the scientific world to avoid wild guess work. (even in the case of HIV/AIDS many scientists believe that AIDS is tertiary stage of syphilis and there is no such microbe called HIV). I personally don’t think such microscopes are impossible to manufacture, but that would prevent the flow of billions of dollars to the virus hunters. (Dark field microscope too is insufficient to spot a virus).

In this connection I would like to recall the disease called SMON a frightening disease epidemic that struck Japan in the 1950s. This disease was attributed to virus. Virus hunters spent nearly 20 years in search of the “unknown” virus and finally scientists found that this disease SMON was due to side effects of a drug CLIQUINOL consumed by patients with intestinal problem. These 20 years of research and millions of dollars could have been saved if there were a microscope powerful enough to see the virus.

Finally before I conclude I would like to point out the universally used words, in connection with cancer, Primary and Secondary. When you see a tumor doctors say that it is primary and then they remove it. This tumor is due to cell multiplication and the biopsy would have proved it malignant. According to science, liver stores all the chemicals (100%) required for the body and liver is the chemical workshop.

Any tumor or any ailment is due to chemical imbalance. Blood naturally is the carrier and the virus would be there through out our body in the blood – wherever the blood flows.

The chemical imbalance in the liver would have been brought about by some microorganism that has entered the body and this change in the liver is both primary and secondary.

The cancer does not travel from the tumor to the liver and present day findings that it has spread and has reached the secondary stage does not carry weight.

The bane of the present day science is that they have nothing to offer for the chemical workshop of the body, the liver, and that explains why many diseases are termed incurable diseases. A medicine for the virus would have solved half their problem.

Robert Gallo said, “In order to be able to treat people effectively, you had first to learn how things work. Above all you had to know the mysteries of life”.

Many believe that certain viruses are prepared in the laboratories of super powers. If so, stopping any medicine coming up (especially in other branches of science) to kill the virus is a very cruel joke on humanity.