Sunday, December 23, 2007

Once Upon a Time

I say to my child now that once upon a time I was a sportsman, a body builder and showing these photographs. After some time, I can tell my daughter that once upon a time I was a blogger. (instead of scanning the photos, all are reproduced from original print using digital camera - so visibility is not good)

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Need of Sex Education in Kerala?

Sex education became a much debated subject and news item recently in Kerala. Malayalees read newspapers along with the morning tea and criticize the law and order problems of UP, Bihar and Orissa where all kinds of inhuman activities like murder for dowry, child marriage, rape, etc used to get reported. But recently there are reports on similar incidents in Kerala which are alarmingly high. The State always used to proudly present 100 per cent literacy, health, free education to girls, etc as its achievements. Then what happened to the literate Malayalees for changing their behavior? While searching for the reason for the changed attitude of Malayalees will reveal the addiction of alcohol and drugs amongst the youth. They do not know what they are doing. The age of the sexually assaulted victim is not bothered by these drug addicts. These drugs addicted, unemployed youth are becoming the victim of smugglers and underworld gangs. They offer drug, money, vehicle for doing their jobs. The narcotic cell of the State government and police should awake and do some genuine drastic steps to control the underworld and usage of drugs in the State only will help to resolve the current issues.

Sex scandals were covered in many pages of Malayalam newspapers till recently. Suryanelli, Vidhura, Kiliroor, etc. were already given a clear picture of Kerala and Malayalees. The law and order system became a scarecrow in the state at least in the above reported cases. The investigation commences from the victim’s complaints and finishes on the reality of victim’s initial involvement with her full consent. Then why suddenly it becomes the scandal? The initial enjoyment of money, sex paves the way to misery due to unexpected number of users without money. The initial control from the victim is lost when the demand for her is increased. When the freedom is lost, obviously it leads to complaint and becomes as a scandal. It doesn’t mean that all scandals are as the above but in many of the cases, abdication of the victims are not reported as they run away with somebody and ultimately fall in the trap.

Hypocrisy is the facet of many Mallus. They will go for strike against the sex education book and purchase sex books, blue cassettes and read privately. Because we learnt from our childhood that Sex is sin. Christian convents and its educational institutions also contributed a lot to spread the same message among children and the result was the natural instincts to know the sex in the adolescent period got brutally killed.

In Mumbai ladies are free to move around even in the midnight without much problem. The main reason may be due to the availability of many sources for the desire for sex in the state. So the needy have a place where they can always approach. I appreciate the dialogues of Mr.Sakharia, the known short story writer. He said, “If there are men longing for sex and women are ready to serve, then why government is suppressing such instincts by law?” So like Mumbai, brothels are to be built in every district for those who are looking around for sex. Then the government should be very tough for any kind of sexual harassment in the country.

No doubt that sex education at school level will certainly help the children to change the attitude towards the approach of opposite sex.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

What is in a Name?

In the recent past, we have observed that name of the place, street, Airports, Railway Stations, Institutions, etc., in India are getting changed. For example, “Bombay” became Mumbai, Airport is renamed as Chattrapathi Shivaji InternationalTerminal, Railway station is renamed from Victoria Terminal to Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminal, etc. If it is the case of Mumbai, Kerala too adopted a few changes to its various places like Cochin became Kochi, Alleppey became Alapuzha, Quilon became Kollam, so on.

Whether such changes have made any improvement in human life in such places? Who is benefited? Of course there is a huge cost for this renaming ceremony. Each and every place signage boards are to be changed. All correspondence from all offices should show the new names in their communication so all stationery items will get printed with new names.

Our politicians/administrators could have thought using such huge amount for educating poor children, helping the handicapped instead of spending money on an unwanted, unproductive cause. But the politicians do such things whenever they want to divert the attention of public from the critical/important social issues to political issues.

Unfortunately, our various Medias, (not a single one) which have forgotten their moral responsibilities now-a-days did not respond to such waste of time, energy and money of common people. All were feeling proud of getting rid of the residual memory of colonial rule.

It is indeed any citizen who love the country will feel proud but the word priority is missing in the mind of Politicians/Administrators. Music will be enjoyed by those who are fed comfortably. But anybody who is waiting for food for the last two days will be able to enjoy the music? I do not think so.

Hope our politicians will think to develop the country by improving the life of common people majority of them is still living below the poverty line. I do not know whether it is relevant to be told now but it was lying in my sub-conscious mind and I thought that it is to be written.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Recently I read a book in Malayalam language viz., "ivite sathyam nilavilikkunnu" (it means Truth is Weeping Here) written by Mr.Jojji, a journalist in Kerala. The book describes the live story of some AIDS patients and their costly treatments using modern medicine and its side effects. No Doctors in modern medicine claim that they will be able to cure AIDS so far. What they do that suggesting modern medicine that gives some kind of temporary relief. Some of the affected patients approached Mr. T A Majid who is a marine engineer in profession and he hails from an ancient ayurvedic family in Kerala, India. After having Mr.Majid's ayurvedic medicine their test showed HIV negative, the book says and they are still living happily.

The wonderful living proof of complete cure of AIDS, according to Mr.Majeed is Ms.Priyanka who was HIV positive by her birth. Her parents died of AIDS. Doctors of modern medicine declared that Priyanka will live only 3 months. But Mr.Majeed took it as a challenge and sponsored her ayurvedic treatment. Ms. Priyanka is now 14 years old without HIV virus, the book describes. Similarly experiences of a few from different parts of the world.

The Supreme Court of India instructed the State Government to examine the contents and quality and reliability of Mr.Majeed's medicine within 3 months. But politicians are succumbed to pressures from modern medicinal world, the book states.

It has more proven stories of Cancer. Many letters are published in the book for readers information.

Who is preventing such a life saving medicine of millions in the world? What is the real truth? Is there any medicine or not?

If somebody claims that Ayurveda is having medicine for AIDS, whether it should be rejected or to be verified the genuinity of the product.
Or modern medicinal doctors think that they have only rights to treat and kill people who are suffering from AIDS or such serious diseases?

After reading the book, I enquired Mr.Majeed why it is not publicised through his website. He said that the Supreme Court has ordered not to publicise till the verification of Kerala Government is over on the matter.

Anybody who has questions on this life saving medicine, you may contact Mr. T A Majeed directly on his mail id i.e.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Art of Living

I had been Guruji Shri Shri Ravi Shankar’s Ashram in Bangalore for some years back. While discussing with one of Guruji’s disciples, he shared Guruji’s experience in Britain.

Guruji went to Britain as a part of disseminating art of living and Sudharsana kriya, a lovely breathing exercise developed by Guruji. British officials sarcastically asked Guruji the purpose of his visit. When he informed them the purpose, they advised him to go back to India stating that Guruji’s presence is very much required in India rather than in Britain as most of the people in India live in poverty at the same time people in Britain are living a luxury life.

Guruji smiled and asked: Is there any mental hospital in Britain?

British officials: Many. Why?

Guruji: Is it easy to get an admission to any one of these hospitals?

British officials: Sorry, it would be difficult as almost all hospitals are full. Why? You need an appointment eh?

Guruji: No. My presence is very much required in this country rather than India. Because mental hospitals are very less in number in India and admission is also very easy there as they are not full like in Britain.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


People around the world are always proud to say that we are literate, well educated, intelligent, professional so on.... But the global scenarios give message that even the literate around the world are less in number. We learnt Darvin’s evolution theory, the gradual growth of human race. We learnt about stone-age, Neolithic age and live in the modern world fighting in the name of cast, creed, religion, etc. etc. Who created the cast, who created sub-cast, the religion and for what? Anyone who lives in the world follows what their parents followed. Some may not follow that too. Well, the question is not who is practicing what. But the question is who is getting the benefit of fighting each other in the name of religion, God.

There is a very good song in the language Malayalam which is written by Mr.Vayalar Rama Varma. The meaning of the song is that “Man created the religion, religion created God and finally Man, religion and God jointly partitioned the earth and mind of human beings” (I may not be a good translator, forgive me)

Mentally perverted people will be 2 per cent in the world population. Politicians promote them for their benefits. When they grow beyond their control, they become the nuisance for the entire world.

Who created so many boarders for this beautiful world? The answer is those who are keen to rule the people. The desire for ruling others is to get treated like any other psychiatric disease.

Muscle power was the leadership in stone-age and we say that mankind is improved a lot and we travel in super sonic flights but still leadership comes through muscle power and we are proudly say the same in public, no shame. I have to stop here for the time being instead of writing bits and bytes.

Finally GOD & LORD - According to Guru Nithya Chaithanya Yathi, GOD IS KNOWLEDGE and LORD IS THE ONE WHO HAS KNOWLEDGE.