Wednesday, July 11, 2007


People around the world are always proud to say that we are literate, well educated, intelligent, professional so on.... But the global scenarios give message that even the literate around the world are less in number. We learnt Darvin’s evolution theory, the gradual growth of human race. We learnt about stone-age, Neolithic age and live in the modern world fighting in the name of cast, creed, religion, etc. etc. Who created the cast, who created sub-cast, the religion and for what? Anyone who lives in the world follows what their parents followed. Some may not follow that too. Well, the question is not who is practicing what. But the question is who is getting the benefit of fighting each other in the name of religion, God.

There is a very good song in the language Malayalam which is written by Mr.Vayalar Rama Varma. The meaning of the song is that “Man created the religion, religion created God and finally Man, religion and God jointly partitioned the earth and mind of human beings” (I may not be a good translator, forgive me)

Mentally perverted people will be 2 per cent in the world population. Politicians promote them for their benefits. When they grow beyond their control, they become the nuisance for the entire world.

Who created so many boarders for this beautiful world? The answer is those who are keen to rule the people. The desire for ruling others is to get treated like any other psychiatric disease.

Muscle power was the leadership in stone-age and we say that mankind is improved a lot and we travel in super sonic flights but still leadership comes through muscle power and we are proudly say the same in public, no shame. I have to stop here for the time being instead of writing bits and bytes.

Finally GOD & LORD - According to Guru Nithya Chaithanya Yathi, GOD IS KNOWLEDGE and LORD IS THE ONE WHO HAS KNOWLEDGE.

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മുരളി മേനോന്‍ said...

Who is literate? Educated? Intelligent? GOD, LORD, Leaders?