Monday, July 16, 2007


Recently I read a book in Malayalam language viz., "ivite sathyam nilavilikkunnu" (it means Truth is Weeping Here) written by Mr.Jojji, a journalist in Kerala. The book describes the live story of some AIDS patients and their costly treatments using modern medicine and its side effects. No Doctors in modern medicine claim that they will be able to cure AIDS so far. What they do that suggesting modern medicine that gives some kind of temporary relief. Some of the affected patients approached Mr. T A Majid who is a marine engineer in profession and he hails from an ancient ayurvedic family in Kerala, India. After having Mr.Majid's ayurvedic medicine their test showed HIV negative, the book says and they are still living happily.

The wonderful living proof of complete cure of AIDS, according to Mr.Majeed is Ms.Priyanka who was HIV positive by her birth. Her parents died of AIDS. Doctors of modern medicine declared that Priyanka will live only 3 months. But Mr.Majeed took it as a challenge and sponsored her ayurvedic treatment. Ms. Priyanka is now 14 years old without HIV virus, the book describes. Similarly experiences of a few from different parts of the world.

The Supreme Court of India instructed the State Government to examine the contents and quality and reliability of Mr.Majeed's medicine within 3 months. But politicians are succumbed to pressures from modern medicinal world, the book states.

It has more proven stories of Cancer. Many letters are published in the book for readers information.

Who is preventing such a life saving medicine of millions in the world? What is the real truth? Is there any medicine or not?

If somebody claims that Ayurveda is having medicine for AIDS, whether it should be rejected or to be verified the genuinity of the product.
Or modern medicinal doctors think that they have only rights to treat and kill people who are suffering from AIDS or such serious diseases?

After reading the book, I enquired Mr.Majeed why it is not publicised through his website. He said that the Supreme Court has ordered not to publicise till the verification of Kerala Government is over on the matter.

Anybody who has questions on this life saving medicine, you may contact Mr. T A Majeed directly on his mail id i.e.

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