Thursday, July 19, 2007

What is in a Name?

In the recent past, we have observed that name of the place, street, Airports, Railway Stations, Institutions, etc., in India are getting changed. For example, “Bombay” became Mumbai, Airport is renamed as Chattrapathi Shivaji InternationalTerminal, Railway station is renamed from Victoria Terminal to Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminal, etc. If it is the case of Mumbai, Kerala too adopted a few changes to its various places like Cochin became Kochi, Alleppey became Alapuzha, Quilon became Kollam, so on.

Whether such changes have made any improvement in human life in such places? Who is benefited? Of course there is a huge cost for this renaming ceremony. Each and every place signage boards are to be changed. All correspondence from all offices should show the new names in their communication so all stationery items will get printed with new names.

Our politicians/administrators could have thought using such huge amount for educating poor children, helping the handicapped instead of spending money on an unwanted, unproductive cause. But the politicians do such things whenever they want to divert the attention of public from the critical/important social issues to political issues.

Unfortunately, our various Medias, (not a single one) which have forgotten their moral responsibilities now-a-days did not respond to such waste of time, energy and money of common people. All were feeling proud of getting rid of the residual memory of colonial rule.

It is indeed any citizen who love the country will feel proud but the word priority is missing in the mind of Politicians/Administrators. Music will be enjoyed by those who are fed comfortably. But anybody who is waiting for food for the last two days will be able to enjoy the music? I do not think so.

Hope our politicians will think to develop the country by improving the life of common people majority of them is still living below the poverty line. I do not know whether it is relevant to be told now but it was lying in my sub-conscious mind and I thought that it is to be written.


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ഗീതാഗീതികള്‍ said...

Do you really think that the politicians(for that matter, politicians of any party) care for the people who elected them to power? Their sole aims are to retain their power and to fill their, and then their kins' and kiths' pockets! There is no point in wailing like this...