Monday, August 6, 2007

The Need of Sex Education in Kerala?

Sex education became a much debated subject and news item recently in Kerala. Malayalees read newspapers along with the morning tea and criticize the law and order problems of UP, Bihar and Orissa where all kinds of inhuman activities like murder for dowry, child marriage, rape, etc used to get reported. But recently there are reports on similar incidents in Kerala which are alarmingly high. The State always used to proudly present 100 per cent literacy, health, free education to girls, etc as its achievements. Then what happened to the literate Malayalees for changing their behavior? While searching for the reason for the changed attitude of Malayalees will reveal the addiction of alcohol and drugs amongst the youth. They do not know what they are doing. The age of the sexually assaulted victim is not bothered by these drug addicts. These drugs addicted, unemployed youth are becoming the victim of smugglers and underworld gangs. They offer drug, money, vehicle for doing their jobs. The narcotic cell of the State government and police should awake and do some genuine drastic steps to control the underworld and usage of drugs in the State only will help to resolve the current issues.

Sex scandals were covered in many pages of Malayalam newspapers till recently. Suryanelli, Vidhura, Kiliroor, etc. were already given a clear picture of Kerala and Malayalees. The law and order system became a scarecrow in the state at least in the above reported cases. The investigation commences from the victim’s complaints and finishes on the reality of victim’s initial involvement with her full consent. Then why suddenly it becomes the scandal? The initial enjoyment of money, sex paves the way to misery due to unexpected number of users without money. The initial control from the victim is lost when the demand for her is increased. When the freedom is lost, obviously it leads to complaint and becomes as a scandal. It doesn’t mean that all scandals are as the above but in many of the cases, abdication of the victims are not reported as they run away with somebody and ultimately fall in the trap.

Hypocrisy is the facet of many Mallus. They will go for strike against the sex education book and purchase sex books, blue cassettes and read privately. Because we learnt from our childhood that Sex is sin. Christian convents and its educational institutions also contributed a lot to spread the same message among children and the result was the natural instincts to know the sex in the adolescent period got brutally killed.

In Mumbai ladies are free to move around even in the midnight without much problem. The main reason may be due to the availability of many sources for the desire for sex in the state. So the needy have a place where they can always approach. I appreciate the dialogues of Mr.Sakharia, the known short story writer. He said, “If there are men longing for sex and women are ready to serve, then why government is suppressing such instincts by law?” So like Mumbai, brothels are to be built in every district for those who are looking around for sex. Then the government should be very tough for any kind of sexual harassment in the country.

No doubt that sex education at school level will certainly help the children to change the attitude towards the approach of opposite sex.


Murali Menon (മുരളി മേനോന്‍) said...

it is not a complete article on sex education but it is my feelings pertaining to the importance of the subject and the background which lead to the necessity of the sex education in Kerala. Invite your comments please.


SURAJ said...

Bold write-up murali sir. Good read.
Wish you would try making your language a bit more stylish..

Every generation till date has learned about sex from porn-related talks with friends or porno literature or porn films.

Very few societies have courageous moms and dads who will literally explain (or atleast give scientific books) to their adolescent son or daughter about "what it's like, to fuck!"

I have seen university biology students who don't know the difference between vagina and urethra and even third year medical students who don't know how to masturbate...!

When the society gets more literate, it gets even more hypocritical.

The only good thing about literacy is that it helps in searching better sources of knowledge.

Let's hope Malayali gets over this "culture shock" soon.

മുരളി മേനോന്‍ (Murali Menon) said...

Thanks Suraj for your positive comments. I do not have much vocabulary in my hand to make the language stylish but certainly to continue my writing and expecting more readers I have to improve my language, I will make some postivie efforts for that. I rarely write here as my main writings take place in

സപ്ന അനു ബി. ജോര്‍ജ്ജ് said...

very bold attempt............ why are you writing here??

മുരളി മേനോന്‍ (Murali Menon) said...

swapna, I can not write some matters in malayalam. It is my constraints so I created an english blog but I realise my limitation in the language too. So something may come out some times in this blog, that much I can say. Any way thanks a lot for your visit and comment.


സപ്ന അനു ബി. ജോര്‍ജ്ജ് said...

"I cannot write" is an excuse,,, if you can have the oppertunity to be bold and brave then why not!!! men are supposed to be brave arent you???

ശ്രീവല്ലഭന്‍ said...

Dear Murali,

I just noticed this post.I fully agree with many of your points of view.

There is an urgent need to address sex education in schools,especially in the context of growing infections such as HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.I think we expect more broadminded views from 100% literate Keralaites. However, as you said hypocracy is part and parcel of our life. These days children get more information from TV, internet and through their friends at an early age, which may not be the right ones. Providing right information at the right time is the key.

Looking at your malayalam postings, I thought it would have been really good to have similar one in malayalam also. I am sure you can write.....I am sure that might generate some more active debate among bloggers.

Wish you all the very best.

മുരളി മേനോന്‍ (Murali Menon) said...

Anu, thanks for your encouragement.

Shreevallabhan: Thanks for visiting the site and your comments. I kept kOmaram blog for literature and this site for expressing my mind on some hot topics. But due to time constraints, I rarely appear here.

sreedevi Nair said...

Dear menon,
thanks for visiting
my site. sreeraagathil entha
onnum ezuthathe?gaanam kollille??